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What Exactly is a Roofing System?

When a new roof is installed, your existing shingles are removed down to the roof deck. From there a comprehensive roofing system is needed to ensure long-lasting effectiveness. The roofing system consist critical components designed for each area of your roof. At Herring Residential, one of the most common manufacturer roofing systems that we install is the Atlas Signature Select roofing system. This system achieves quality backed by extended warranties with no additional cost to you.


So what is included in a roofing system?


The first product used in a roofing system is ice and water underlayment. Ice and water underlayment is a peel and stick membrane that adheres to the roof deck that adds an additional layer of protection to the roof on areas such as eaves, rakes, valleys, and flashings as well as areas where roofing accessories penetrate the roof deck. Ice and water shield also helps protect your home from wind driven rain. Herring Residential commonly chooses Atlas WeatherMaster Ice & Water.


The second component to a roofing system is synthetic underlayment. Synthetic underlayment is different that your traditional felt paper, commonly referred to as "tar paper". Synthetic underlayment comes in a variety of brands and is a lighter material that is installed with 1" button cap nails. The material is woven together and is similar to a tarp. The underlayment is water and UV resistant, and prevents water infiltration. Herring Residential commonly chooses Atlas Summit 60 Synthetic Underlayment.


Starter shingles are applied to the roof edges and are a very critical component of the roofing system. These shingles lay directly under the roof shingles and close any gaps created by shingle edges. Additionally, they have a sealant applied that helps hold down the roof shingles and protect against wind. The starter shingle is a solid shingle that is nailed to the roof deck using a certain nail pattern. In staying true to offering quality products, Herring Residential uses a true starter shingle rather than a tabbed shingle. Our most common selection in starter shingles is an Atlas ProCut Starter shingle.


One of the most important selection made in choosing a new roof is the roof shingles.

Shingles are made by many manufacturers in a wide variety of designs and colors. The roof shingle most commonly used on a home is an architectural shingle. Other terminology used to describe an architectural shingle is laminate, dimensional, 3D and more.

The primary brand of shingle that Herring Residential installs is Atlas. The Atlas Lifetime Architectural shingle is called Pinnacle Pristine. We offer this shingle for many reasons, but the primarily because the shingle is backed by Lifetime Limited warranty against manufacturer defects, it is algae resistant, rated to sustain winds up to 130 mph and comes in a wide array of stunning colors.

The Pinnacle Pristine Shingle is backed by Scotchgard and when installed with other Atlas products comes with an extended, non-prorated certificated warranty that is transferable to a new owner in the event your home is sold.


The final components of our comprehensive roofing system are Hip & Ridge shingles. This shingle is designed to cover the hips and ridges of a roof. They are folded over the peak and nailed down to cover the external angles of a roof. A hip and ridge strip is perforated and contains three shingles per strip. The shingle color matches the roof shingles. Herring Residential commonly uses the Atlas ProCut Hip & Ridge Shingle featuring Scotchgard. Atlas states that "the Pro-Cut Hip & Ridge featuring Scotchgard™ Protector shingle has a Core4™ Technology seal-down strip for high wind performance, long life and easier installation in cold weather."

Proper ventilation is key to a long-lasting roof. There are many types of roof ventilation products. One effective form of ventilation is ridge vent. The ridge vent is installed on the ridges of a roof. It comes in a 4 ft stick and is usually plastic. This vent sits up above the ridge line and is nailed to the wood deck in a specific nail pattern. The vent is designed with slits in the side that allows the attic to release the air as it flows from the soffit intake. A common mistake made on a roof install is adding improper or inadequate ventilation.

This can be detrimental to a shingle and greatly reduce the life of a shingle. Herring Residential will consult with you, as a homeowner, to determine the best ventilation system for your home.

To learn more about the Atlas Roofing System offered by Herring Residential, visit Atlas.

Contact Herring Residential to schedule your consultation to learn more about the benefits of a quality roofing system.


Herring Residential is an independent roofing contractor, not an employee or agent of Atlas® Roofing Corporation.

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May 19, 2022

The roofers can explain more in detail about the roofing system. Also, when thinking to install a new roof, don't forget to ask roof repair experts call make it waterproof.

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