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Choose Herring Residential & Commercial as your go-to Contractor for all
your new construction roofing, gutter & siding projects.

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What Matters to You:


We aim to provide QUALITY service at a FAIR PRICE. We understand the industry and know that the new construction market is competitive. We also know that you, as a builder, need work to be performed correctly, the first time.  We stand behind our work by offering a 5-year workmanship warranty on all of our new construction work and 10-year workmanship warranty on all re-roofing projects. 


You are managing 100's of tasks constantly and we understand that roofing doesn't need to be a hassle.  Simply send us your blueprints, and we perform take-off, prepare bids, send samples, and, upon acceptance, await your timeline.  We show up when you need us and leave when the job is complete!


As a builder, you do not need to be hassled with roofing headaches.  You can trust our expertise to know how to do the job right and communicate with you when necessary to ensure your project flows smoothly.

Contact us today to discuss your new construction needs.  Whether you are building in Coats, Wilmington, or anywhere in between - We've Got You Covered!

Guaranteed Pricing

Budgeting is essential to a builder's success.  With accurate blueprint take-off and estimating, our pricing is guaranteed.  This means you stay on budget with no surprises.  In the rare event that there are unforeseen circumstances, we'll discuss the best course of action to keep you on budget and on time!

Allow us to be the Builder's Dream Partner you deserve!  Check out our work 

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