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Storm damage including wind & hail caused by tornados, hurricanes, and summer storms can cause extreme damage to your roof and home.  By allowing us to assist in mitigating those damages and restoring your home you can rest assured that you are receiving quality work from honest and trusted professionals!  We are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and resources to help guide you through the claims process and restoring your home or business to the pre-loss condition.

1. Stop further damage and secure the damaged area. Assess potential damage with a trusted professional.

& Assess

2. Discuss steps needed to initiate a claim with your contractor and insurance agent.


Man Signing

3. File a claim.  The adjuster will schedule a time to inspect the damage.  

a Claim

Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

4. Rebuild & Restore with the team of professionals at  Herring Residential & Commercial.

& Rebuild

Herring Residential & Commercial has extensive background and experience with insurance claims.  We are happy to discuss our experiences as well what we can offer you through this process.  Call us today!

Locate your insurance company and follow the link for additional claim guidance.

Nationwide Insurance Claim for Roof Damage
Auto-Owners Insurance.png
USAA Insurance Claim for Roof Damage
Farm Bureau Insurance Claims for Roof Damage
The Hartford Insurance Claims for Roofs
Farmers Insurance Claim for Roof Damage
Allstate Insurance Claim for Roof Damage
State Farm Insurance Claim for Roof Damage
NC Grange Mutual Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

What do I do if I suspect my roof is damaged?

At Herring Residential & Commercial, we view insurance claims and the insurance process a bit differently than our competition.



We do not go neighborhood to neighborhood knocking on doors shouting “INSURANCE SPECIALIST” and hastily coercing customers to sign contingencies or contracts. We operate primarily on referrals and community networking. This means you’ve heard about us before we show up to your home. It is as simple as – you suspect storm damage and you schedule a meeting with us!


Additionally, we offer free services to you, our customer, up front without a need for a contingency or a contract. We want you to provide you with our free assessment and report, discuss our findings so that we can then, jointly, make a determination as to whether a claim is necessary.


Many times, we hear things such as – “another roofer had us sign a contract before they’d inspect, but told us they knew we had damage” or “the other roofer wouldn’t even give us a price” and one of our personal cringe-worthy favorites "we signed a contract with a company that stated if insurance paid for a roof – they had to do it or we are charged a penalty”.

Typically, customers are told these things by “pushy” salespersons that work for a “door knocking” roofing contractor. These scare tactics essentially tie a customer’s hands and, more times than not, leave a customer regretful and confused.


We want to EARN YOUR BUSINESS before you sign anything!


If you, as a home or business-owner, suspect storm damage we want to earn your trust before any signatures are obtained. A solid working relationship begins with TRUST. Our company is founded on INTEGRITY and our success comes from being a roofing contractor folks have learned to trust.

So…a storm has hit. Now what?!


Step 1: Inspect and Mitigate.


One of our Project Managers or Regional Managers from our team will perform a thorough inspection of your home. If damages are found that appear to be caused by a weather-related event we will document and photograph those damages. Once the inspection is complete, we will then discuss our findings and, if permissible, perform temporary repairs so that damages are mitigated.


Step 2: Contact Insurance & Initiate Claim.


We’ve confirmed damages and agreed to involve insurance. At this point – we ask that you, as a homeowner and policyholder, call your insurance to initiate a claim. Prior to the call we will discuss the most commonly asked questions and address any questions or concerns that you may have, but ultimately this is YOUR HOME and YOUR POLICY and we respect that. If, for any reason, you would rather us make this initial call – we will gladly do so, but only in the comfort of your home or on a merged / three-way call. This way the process is transparent, all questions can be asked up front and each party understands their responsibilities moving forward.


Step 3: Adjuster Meeting.


After filing your claim, an adjuster will contact you to perform an independent inspection of you roof and to confirm our findings. While waiting for an adjuster meeting, we will then begin working on the estimate to repair your home so that we can have this ready for you, your adjuster and insurance company. Since the initial assessment was performed by us, customarily, we attend the adjuster meeting with you so that we can assist with questions, show the damages that we’ve documented and streamline the process for you.


Step 4: Hiring and Contract


Once an approval for a roof replacement has been granted and we’ve agreed to work together (WE’RE HIRED) we will review contract and obtain signatures. At this point we typically review samples and discuss tentative timelines as well. Our contract is pretty simple and, in short, states something like….you’ve hired US to do work that you and your insurance company want us to do and we’re going to do a good job and, in the end, we get paid an agreed upon price for the work we promised to do!

Simple. Fair. Honest.

Ask us about our workmanship warranty!


Step 5: Wrapping up the Process


The work is done. We will assist you with all completion documents, submitting final invoices, registering your warranties and make sure you are satisfied with our work.


At the end of the day – we want to be the most reputable roofer in the State of North Carolina and strive to make it as easy as possible to work with.


We look forward to working with you! #LetsRoofTogether

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