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The Trending Roof in 2022

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

If you are like many North Carolina residents, you are determining what type of roof would be best for your commercial or residential building. If you see signs of deterioration? It is time to consider your roofing options and maybe upgrade. Here we share how the metal roofing trend is continuing to expand in North Carolina.

If it's time to improve or replace your roof, you might as well go for the most cutting-edge solution to increase the safety, energy efficiency, and beauty of your structure. Learn about the roofing industry's 2022 trends and how you may enhance your home.

In recent years, the number of customers selecting a metal roofing system for their homes and businesses has been on the rise. A 2020 Dodge Roofing Industry Report revealed that more and more homeowners were opting for metal for their re-roofing projects, with numbers rising in the United States from 12 percent in 2019 to 15 percent in 2020.

Now 5 months into 2022, the trend for metal as a roofing option shows no signs of easing. Appearance, functionality, and sustainability are among the reasons that metal roofing continues its upward trend for home and business owners.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing

Aside from aesthetics when selecting a roof, consumers are more focused on an environmental impact than ever before. Environmentally friendly roofing solutions are advantageous in a variety of ways. First, because these roofing systems are recyclable and sustainable, they do not add to the millions of pounds of roofing waste that end up in landfills. Not only can environmentally friendly roofing reduce your carbon footprint, but it also reduces your utility expenditures. This is a win-win situation for many homeowners.

Metal is a popular roofing material for its appearance and minimal impact on the environment. There's no need for garden tops or solar panels because metal roofs are naturally reflective. They're also manufactured from recyclable materials and add a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic to any structure.

In addition to looks and environmental concerns, there are more advantages to choosing a metal roof.

  • Longevity; With a life span of more than 60 years, metal roofs outlast traditional roofs by more than 2-2 times.

  • Functionality: Metal roofing systems are durable and last with minimal damage during severe weather like extreme winter weather and hurricanes. In addition, metal roofs can tolerate hail, wind, and fire.

  • Clean Roof Lines: Design trends change with the times and roofs are no exception. Architects are moving to roofs with fewer gables and pitches. Straight roof lines reduce the material used and save money on installation and materials for a roof.

  • Versatility: Metal roofs offer a variety of color options that can meet the creative and traditional style preferences of consumers. There is a movement toward darker home exteriors and consumers want a contrast with their roof selection. Green is trending and connects will connect with its natural surroundings. Other popular metal color choices for North Carolina can vary by region. In counties like Harnett, red clay as a metal roof is among the most popular. In cities with growing populations outside of Raleigh, black and gray metal roofs are most visible.

Buyers can also select from several colors and styles, making this a more tempting alternative. Finally, with proper maintenance, metal roofs can last for decades, so building owners won't have to worry about replacing or fixing their roofs as often.

When selecting a roof, consumers want options that are flexible with design trends, durable to withstand extreme weather, and an affordable and economic option. Because metal roofing can meet the current market's demands, it will continue to be a growing and trending option for years to come.

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