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Slippin' and Slidin' Shingles - What is happening?!

What do you see when you look up at the shingles on your #roof? Most homeowners rarely notice their shingles UNTIL a problem is obvious! Unfortunately, problems visible from the ground mean there is likely a lot more going on and warrant further inspection from a trusted roofer.

One of those problems may be improperly nailed #shingles.

There a lot of shingle manufacturers that produce a LOT of quality shingles! In fact, each year 12.5 BILLION square feet of shingles are produced! Unfortunately, a large number of those quality shingles are shipped around the globe only to be installed with poor craftsmanship.

To attain quality installation, a roofer should avoid the two common mistakes, overdriven nails and improperly located nails.

Overdriven Nails

Improperly Located Nails

Shingles are commonly installed with hammers or pneumatic nail guns. Either option is perfectly fine as long as care is taken to ensure the nails are properly placed and not over driven. When shingles are overly driven or nailed in the wrong location...shingles are much more susceptible to failing, damage is likely to occur and the outcome is...well...slippin' and slidin' shingles!

Trust Herring Residential so that YOUR shingles don't get caught slippin'.

Get the quality deserve at a price you can afford! #qualityatafairprice

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