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Roofing Myths Exposed

After five years of business, we at Herring have seen a few things and heard a few things that aren’t exactly correct when it comes to roofing knowledge.

Today we share some of the biggest roofing myths we have encountered.

Why should I pay so much money for small repairs? You’re just going to overcharge for small repairs arent you?

This could not be further from the truth. First and foremost, you want to be sure you are working with a credible and reputable roofer. You wouldn’t take your car in for maintenance repairs to a shop you did not know or trust Secondly, in sticking with the car comparison, a roof like a car will need maintenance and small repairs to keep it running safely for years to come. If you ignore oil changes or skip yearly maintenance, engine parts can fail, crack, or seize up. Now you are left replacing an entire motor which is more costly than simple maintenance. The exact same is true for your roof. Trust the experts to extend the lifespan of your roof with minor repairs and maintenance which will extend the investment in your home.

Why should I worry about my roof? It isn’t leaking.

A leaking roof is just one symptom that could alert you to major roofing concerns. Roofs with major damage can also not show any signs of leaks. A roofing expert is the only one who can determine if your roof is damaged and in need of repair or replacement. A roofing expert will know to check spots that may look fine on the surface but are prone to hidden leaks or damage. Catching these minor issues early can save you from having internal damage to your home and prevent an entire roofing system replacement.

Can I just patch over the bad shingles?

Shingles over bad do not stop the problem in its tracks. It might slow it down, but in the long run, it can create more costly problems. The second layer of shingles will not keep moisture out because the damaged underlayment is still damaged and allows moisture through. Laying shingles also add extra weight to your roof. Every roof is built to sustain a certain weight with its roofing structure. Exceeding that weight by playing shingles instead of replacing them could cause structural damage to the support of the home.

Isn’t it just a waste of money to do maintenance on a newer roof?

Any roof new or old can sustain damage whether it's due to elements like storms or just things that can go wrong. It is always in the best interest of your home to have annual roofing inspections. Annual inspections can halt damage before it spreads and can help extend the lifespan of your roof.

Can I just watch some youtube video and repair or reroof my own roof?

Even with video tutorials, you can not fully know and integrate the special skills that come from years of training and hands-on experience that come with a credible and reliable roofer. Not to mention, the safety hazards that come with working on a roof. This is one instance where you should put away the DIY tutorials and leave the repairs to the experts.

When the time comes for you to ask roofing questions or consider yearly maintenance, repairs, or even a new roof, reach out to the experts at Herring. We always offer quality service at a fair price.


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