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Fall Is For Roofing

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Fall is good for bonfires and hot chocolate, tailgating and football, hearty soups, and warm knit sweaters, but did you know fall is also the best time to schedule roof maintenance, repair, or replacement?

a picture that evokes fall themes, with a cup of hot chocolate and a campfire, a perfect time for roofs

Fall roofing work can create savings for the homeowner and the job can be completed more efficiently than in seasons with more extreme temperatures.

Weather Affects Installation

Winter hazards on the roof include; snow and ice where slip and falls for the workers are a concern. Warmer seasons bring other health concerns for those working on your roof. The heat can lead to dehydration and exhaustion of the roofers which leads to delays in the project completion.

Why Fall Roofing Works

a silhouetted man standing on a roof in the fall

Fall is the Sweet Season for Roof Work

There is a sweet spot as far as temperature for installing a roof. Shingles and other materials like the sealant work best in temperatures between 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the weather is below 45, shingles are stiff and prone to cracking during installation. In the excessive heat of summer, Shingles can become too hot for roofers to manipulate as well as adhesives used in roofing are less tacky and efficient in the extreme summer. Fall in North Carolina offers an extended period of ideal weather conditions for roof work. Temperatures typically fluctuate between the low 50s and into the 70s for several months. An added bonus for having a new roof installed in the fall is that there is enough time for the materials to cure and set before the harsh winter weather takes hold.

After the intense heat of summer, heavy winds and storms hail, etc, the fall is a perfect time for roofing experts to assess and offer solutions for any damage caused earlier in the year.
a roof in the fall that has frozen shingles

Fall is a great time to prepare your roof for the colder months ahead. If your roof has even minimal damage not visible to the homeowner, a snow or sleet storm could cause enough damage to require an entire roof replacement.

Having a roofing expert inspect and assess your roof in the fall can help to eliminate the worst-case scenario. The experts will be able to spot any existing or new damage such as soft spots, small holes, or raised nail shingles.

Before you crank the heat, roof experts can assess your roofing system to determine if it has the proper insulation to help keep your heating system working economically and efficiently. This addresses needed repairs in the fall and will help to keep the heat in your home and not escape through your roof.

Many roofing companies offer additional services like gutter repair and replacement. Fall can take a toll on gutters filling them with leaves and debris that will keep them from doing their main function: moving water from the roof and away from the foundation of the home. While you have the roofers on the roof, it would be a great time to have them repaired or replaced if needed. The experts at Herring Residential and Commercial have the knowledge and expertise to install a roofing system and replace your gutter system at the same time.

In North Carolina, as summer slowly slips away and fades into fall, the experts at Herring Residietnal and Commercial are ready to repair, prepare, or replace your roof so that you will have an extra blanket of security heading into the winter months. As always, we offer quality service at a fair price with a vast selection of shingle options, metal roof choices, and gutters too. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote.


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