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DIY Considerations For Your Roof

With the popularity of Youtube video tutorials and HGTV home shows, there has been a steady uptake in homeowners taking the responsibility of repairs and renovations into their own hands. As of 2021, homeowners spent over $400 billion on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that include renovations and home repairs according to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies in its Improving America's Housing 2021 report. In most cases, there is a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from a DIY project and in some instances, these projects save significantly by not having to spend the money on a professional to complete the job.

There are some things to consider before attempting to tackle a roofing repair job on your own. Without the proper experience, knowledge, and equipment trying to save money on roof repair can cost substantially more in the long run.

Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

A survey of more than 2,000 homeowners found that more than half thought their projects would be easier and take less time than they did. Taking into account that many of the DIY projects, included simpler projects like painting or installing a ceiling fan, nearly 10% of the homeowners caused damage to their home with significantly more intricate projects.

For loftier projects like roofing repairs or replacements, as experienced roofing contractors, we will always recommend hiring a professional. However, some will insist that they will be fine and continue with the DIY roof work. With construction or contracting experience, a DIY could be easier for some as opposed to those who simply are using DIY instructional videos to learn how to. Without proper experience, a DIY repair could cause more damage and create a more expensive job than the original repair would have warranted.

Here we offer 3 key things you will need to know before attempting a roof DIY repair or replacement.

Danger Zone Ahead

The risk of injury associated with roof repair is statistically higher than the risk associated with a hot water heater repair. Roof work is dangerous and can when not performed without proper experience and safety precaution could in a worst-case scenario end in death from a fall from the roof. Roofing contractors like the experts at Herring Residential and Commercial have the safety training and knowledge to mitigate the risks associated with roof repair or replacement. No amount of potential savings from a roof DIY will be worth the health and safety risks associated with a roof repair without proper training and equipment.

Tools Matter

Every job and repair no matter the intricacy of the job will require specified tools to complete it effectively. While you might be handy around the house with a pretty extensive toolbox, a roofing job will require more specialized tools to complete the repair without further damage to the roof.

Common tools and supplies that might be required for a roof repair are roofing nails, shingles, pipe boots, caulk, and an ice and water shield. Even a simple raised nail could be more extensive than you would think. It isn’t just a hammer to pop it back in place. The seal on the shingle must be broken, the shingle lifted, and raised nail removed, Once removed, the shingle will have to be resealed, the nail hole filled, and reseal the shingle back down. With all the steps and materials that will have to be purchased for this simple repair, it may be cheaper in the long run to hire a roofing professional.

Null And Void

A new roof will come with two types of warranty: workmanship from the contractor and materials from the manufacturer. Without the proper licensing and coverage, any DIY work done to a roof will void both the contractor and material warranties. Proceeding with a repair on your own will be entirely up to you. However, once you make any attempted repairs there will be no way to prove if a defect or leak is due to poor workmanship or a material defect. Before climbing the ladder to get to work, review your roof warranty.

It is also interesting to note that insurance and liability can also factor into roof repairs and DIY. Home insurance will not cover mistakes or damage done to a roof by a DIY repair attempt. It will be argued that the damage was due to negligence and gives them the out they will need to deny the claim and so that leaves major out-of-pocket expense.

On the flip side, professional roofers know how to traverse a roof without causing damage. If a mistake is made, the roofers carry insurance to cover those damages. Reputable and trusted roofers will also willingly return to fix mistakes at no additional charges.

The trusted professionals at Herring Residential and Commercial offer protection from further roof damage, and save time and money with repairs that come as quality service at a fair price. If you find yourself in need of roofing repair or replacement reach out to us today for a free estimate.

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