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Saving With Solar

Drive through any city or down any stretch of road with homes and you will likely see many of them with solar panels on their roof. Sales of solar panels have exploded over the last decade and show no signs of dips in sales. There are 22 million homes in the United States with solar panels and the large numbers support what many homeowners already figured out. Solar panels have become popular for homeowners for many reasons.

  • They are pollution-free.

  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels for power.

  • Renewable clean power.

  • Reduces utility expenses and reliance on the power company.

While there are many benefits to installing solar panels, there are a few key things you should be aware of before you schedule that installation. Read on to determine if solar panels are right for your roof.

For many homeowners considering solar panels as an addition to their home, their first concern is if the installation will damage their roof or cause leaks.

Proper installation of solar panels is key to protecting the integrity of the roof that it is mounted. Licensed and bonded professionals should be the solar panel installers that are considered when it comes to solar panels. A professional with experience and reviews to support his reputation will work to ensure the integrity and infrastructure o your roof is not compromised with the installation of the solar panels.

The panels are installed and mounted with lag bolts to safely secure them to the roof. After the panels are correctly installed, the lag bolts are sealed and coated with flashing. The flashing, thin moisture-resistant metal or plastic, ensures the roof does not allow leaks through where the lag bolts were placed. It works by driving water away from the placement of the lag bolts.

Properly installed solar panels will not cause damage to your roof but will have some additional benefits to your roof and home. A traditional asphalt shingled roof will last 15-30 years, but with solar panels, that lifespan can be extended and benefit the home.

  • Solar panels can help cool the internal temperature of a home by up to 5 degrees. This can happen because the panels block the harsh and hot sun rays from hitting the roof under the panels. The space between the panel and the roof also allows airflow under the panels to add even more cooling.

  • Solar panels can also act as a damage blocker. Hail, heavy winds, and excessive rain can damage a roof, but with solar panels, there is a layer of protection over the roof. This damage blocker can help a roof to last slightly longer than without solar panels.

A Bonus Benefit

The country as a collective whole is in a green push. As a homeowner, investing in solar panels can be a major selling point that can add value when people are ready to sell. According to a CNBC report, a solar panel system installation can add more than nine thousand in additional value to your home.

Even if you're ready to start calling solar panel installers, you should know that most installers will not install solar panels on roofs that are more than a few years old. This is because if a roof needs to be repaired or replaced, the solar panels will have to come down for this to happen and then e reinstalled by the solar panel company. This adds to the cost of having a roof repaired or replaced.

Herring Can Help

If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan and you are ready to green your home with solar panels, reach out first to the experts at Herring Residential and Commercial to ensure the quality of your roof with expert installation and quality materials. Not sure if your roof has enough life in it to have solar panels installed? Schedule a free inspection and estimate with the experts at Herring. We will be happy to discuss and explain all of our warranties and coverages that come with our shingle options.


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