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What about roof ventilation?

Majority of homes have some sort of ventilation that allows attic air to escape. Unfortunately, majority of homes we see have improper or inadequate ventilation. First, lets discuss why ventilation matters by addressing a few common questions.

Questions: What is roof ventilation?

Answer: Ventilation is the flow of air through a series of intake and exhaust. Air moves through the attic to reduce temperature and create a flow of air to protect the roof shingles.

Question: Can we just add a ridge vent?

Answer: Sometimes. Although ridge vent is a very common roof ventilation option it isn't always the proper system. If a roof doesn't have adequate intake then the ridge vent serves very little purpose and can actually reduce the efficiency of a roof ventilation.

Question: How can I create air flow in my attic?

Answer: There are two types of air flow in the attic of a home. Those are Natural and Mechanical.

So, what is the right ventilation for your home? This depends on the design of your roof. We see a lot of roofs that have been installed and the Contractor informed the homeowner that a ridge vent was necessary to preserve the life of their shingles. However, this may not always be the case. A ridge vent will only operate properly with an intake is used allowing cooler low pressure air to push the hotter high pressure air up through the roof's attic and exhaust through the ridge vent.

Some houses have gable vents. When gable vents are installed the air reacts differently and a different method of ventilation may be necessary.

At Herring Residential, we believe that a properly ventilated roof needs a ridge vent, but we also understand that additional steps may be necessary to allow the ridge vent to work. During our onsite inspections we check your home's ventilation to be sure we understand which method is needed to give you a long lasting, quality roof. Additionally, poorly ventilated roofs may void manufacturer warranties.

In a situation where a home does not have proper intake, soffit vent, etc. we offer a solution called the Edge Vent. This is a vent system installed along the eaves of a roof that create an intake which in turn allows the ridge vent to function properly.

To learn more about the edge vent, visit one or our manufacturer pages to learn more:

To learn more about the difference in gable vents and ridge vents and benefits, see this video:

Additional ventilation products that may be needed on your roof are:

1.) Attic Fans

2.) Box Vents

3.) Stack Vents

4.) Plumbing Vents

To be sure you have the best ventilation system possible contact us at 910-292-2566 to schedule an onsite roof inspection and our professionals can assist you in determining the best method for your home.

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