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Life is Swell With Herring Coastal

Herring Residential and Commercial can meet all your roofing, siding, and gutter needs. Herring had its humble beginnings in a backyard playhouse in the heart of Harnett county and has continued to grow and meet the needs of buildings across North Carolina. In 2020, Herring planted a satellite location on the coast of North Carolina where Herring continues to offer “quality service at a fair price” to all their customers. Herring stands behind that promise because they know the quality and expertise of their team support it.

Meet Brad Wilkie of Herring Residential and Commercial, the Coastal Regional Manager for Herring Residential and Commercial. Brad Wilkie was tasked with tapping into the coastal market to share the Herring brand with the coastal communities of North Carolina.

Brad grew up in Liberty, North Carolina where he developed a lifelong appreciation of nature and working outside. He focused on the construction trade, horticulture landscaping, and sports such as football while in high school. He later graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a degree in Business Administration.

Brad and his wife, Dana, knew that they wanted to raise their family on the coast of North Carolina and set their sites on topsail as the spot to raise their children. When asked why they chose the coast over any other location in North Carolina, Brad didn’t have to reflect.

“It’s a wonderful place to live and raise your kids. Something about waking up every morning and smelling that salt air and seeing water going to work and taking kids to school.”

The View From Up Here

Expanding the Herring brand at the coast presented a unique opportunity for Brad. It allowed him to continue to work outside and smell the salt air and use his business administration degree to share the roofing knowledge and expertise from Herring. Brad enjoys working in the roofing industry for several reasons. Roofing presents different types of jobs and challenges each day with each different job. The roof is the home's most important piece, and it all starts at the top. Herring specializes in fortified roofs, aluminum standing seam roofs, and Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) commercial roofs such as hotel vacation spots. With a variety of roofing types, each day is different and interesting and for Brad, it is only better that you spend some days on a rooftop breathing in the salt air and overlooking the ocean waves lapping on the shore.

What sets Herring apart from other roofing companies at the coast?

Brad has been integral in developing relationships to be the trusted go-to company with property management firms that are trusted to maintain the integrity of summer family homes and rentals Brad also works closely with insurance agents to help homeowners repair and replace their roofs when storms such as hurricanes cause damage: an unfortunate circumstance that comes with living at the coast. While Brad continues to develop and cultivate relationships in his community and surrounding areas, ultimately it’s the approach and passion for roofing that makes any experience with Brad and Herring Coastal a positive one.

Coastal living presents a variety of considerations for roofing such as temperature, seasonal fluctuations in temperature, exposure to salt, and extreme weather conditions due to coastal storms. Selecting the best roof at the best cost for your structure whether it is a year-round home, a vacation home/rental, or a business starts with developing a relationship with a trusted company. Herring Residential and Commercial works continuously to develop that trust with customers by always delivering quality service and quality products at a fair price. Reach out to the Coastal division today for a free estimate on your roof. The experts will assess your roof and ensure it is ready for any upcoming spring storms or summer scorchers.

As Brad would say, “So what are you waiting for? Let’s Get Roofing Together!”

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